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NumberWiz - Free

4.2 ( 6752 ratings )
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Developer: Proctele AB

NumberWiz is a classic maths game. Its been played on French TV since 1965 and on British TV (Countdown) since 1982!
This is the free version of the NumberWiz app.
Heres how it works: You get six random numbers and a random result. The challenge is to add, subtract, multiply and divide those numbers to get to the result. The numbers are 1 - 10 (two of each) and the Big numbers 25, 50, 75 and 100. This app allows you to determine the Big numbers on your own; the allowed range is 10 to 100. Thats a very nice feature!
The important difference between this free version and the paid version is the range of the result. In the free version its 150 - 199. In the paid version its 1 - 999.
Compete against the clock or play at your own pace. Press a button for a solution if you like. Often there are many solutions, so even if you press the button, you can still enjoy finding your own solution.